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Upcoming raise in price for imported recorders

We regret to announce that we find it necessary to substantially raise prices on most recorders we import from the EU (Moeck and Mollenhauer) in the very near future.

We have tried to keep our prices steady, affordable, and competitive by absorbing the modest yearly price increases from these makers, but even 3%/year adds up bit by bit. In addition, there are other significant factors at play. Since 2016 (the last time we adjusted our prices by a modest amount), the purchasing power of the dollar against the Euro has declined about 15%.We also have to factor in the ever-increasing and unpredictable cost of international shipping. Unlike US postal rates, which are fixed, Germany sub-contracts international mail with DHL (a private carrier): rates can and do vary with surcharges and adjustments. Currently postage costs add an average of 20% to the cost of an instrument (up slightly from 2016), but new fees and regulations effective immediately (a COVID-19 surcharge and security fees) will increase the cost of future shipments to 30%.

A careful examination of cost vs. price shows that our net profit on most instruments is completely unsustainable. It is with great reluctance that we are taking this step. We understand that the internet makes it very easy to compare and find the lowest price. We regret that we cannot afford to match other vendors' prices, but we will strive to continue to provide the best service that we can.

Prices will be honored for orders on instruments IN STOCK ONLY until raised. Thank you for understanding.