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Recorder Repair

We have been making recorders for over 50 years and offer the finest repair service in the country (we are the authorized US repair agents for Moeck, Mollenhauer, Küng, Aafab (Aura, Coolsma, Dolmetsch, and Zamra), and Yamaha). Our skilled staff can revoice, retune, and repair even the most seriously injured instruments. Most repairs can be done in a week (often less) depending on our work load, unless there is a special problem that we have discussed with you.

It is not necessary to call prior to sending your instrument(s) for repair, but please be sure to include a note with:

  • Your name
  • Return shipping address
  • Daytime telephone number (so that we can contact you if we have any questions)
  • Payment details (we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover)
  • Description of any particular problems or requests
  • Other special instructions (i.e. 'must have back by...', 'please do not return before...', etc.)

Even if you have e-mailed or spoken with us on the phone about your repair, please be sure to include written information with any instrument sent for repair. We usually ship via UPS; please include a street address (we can ship to a post office box if preferred).

Preparing instruments for shipping

Pack recorder(s) in their individual cases with written contact information in each case (NB: if the instrument does not have a case, wrap each piece in bubble wrap). Seal case or pieces inside a large zip-lock plastic bag (or other plastic bag which can be closed airtight — this prevents the recorder from drying out in an unpressurized air cargo compartment.

Pack case in a sturdy cardboard box, padded tightly on all sides with crushed newspaper, packing 'peanuts', or other packing material. Repairs should be insured for the approximate replacement value (consult our web site, or call/e-mail us if you have any questions).

Shipments from OUTSIDE the U.S.

Any shipment that goes through US customs valued at $200 or more is subject to duty and fees; on even a relatively inexpensive instrument, this can amount to $60-100 or more. Please make sure to follow these guidelines when shipping recorders from outside the US:

  • Total value of the shipment must be declared at LESS than $200
  • Repairs must be clearly marked 'MUSICAL INSTRUMENT returned to MAKER for REPAIR'
  • All duty and fees which are incurred on inbound shipments will be billed to the sender.

Repair Rates

Cleaning: remove block, clean windway and exterior, scour bore, and oil or reseal   $100

Revoicing: includes cleaning and tuning check; may involve recarving window or labium, shimming block, recarving chamfer on block and/or roof of windway, repositioning block, and/or re-finishing mouthpiece   approx. $125-175

Retuning only: $30 minimum

Recorking (S, A, or T): lapped cork and fitting  $45 per tenon

Bass recorder recorking: $65 per tenon

Clean wax from bore and/or exterior: price quote upon inspection, $50 minimum

Plastic sleeve for head joint (Moeck Rottenburgh soprano, alto or tenor): $325 For all others:   price quote upon inspection

Crack repair: price quote upon inspection; $50 minimum per crack

Thumb-bushing (S, A, or T): $125

Thumb-bushing (bass): $200

New block (Moeck S, A, or T): fitted, voiced, mouthpiece refinished   $300
For all others:   price quote upon inspection

Keywork: price quote upon inspection; $40 minimum per key
Repadding key: price quote upon inspection; $30 minimum per key
Add key to hole 3 or 4: $350 per key

Thumbrest: brass unattached $50; attached  $60

or silver unattached $60; attached  $70