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Ergonomic or "Comfort"

If you have small hands, short arms, arthritis, limited flexibility or range of motion, or just find tenor recorders awkward to play, we offer a variety of recorders with extra keys to reduce hand stretch or bent necks to make the reach more manageable. The bent neck design is similar to many bass recorders, and brings the right hand a little higher so that the wrist doesn't have to strain as much. Additional keys on the center joint reduce the spread between the first and last fingers of each hand, and in particular reduce the spacing between the right index and middle fingers, which makes the bottom keys easier to reach.

In addition to these options, we can retrofit any existing tenor (wood or even plastic) with additional keys on the center joint for $300 per key. Or, if you have a Moeck alto or tenor with no keys and would like keys added to the foot joint, we can send the foot to Moeck to be retrofitted. Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Moeck Rottenburgh & Rondo altos and tenors can be retrofitted with keys on the foot joint. Moeck keyed tenors have the c-sharp key on the outside and the c-natural key on the inside. However, Moeck alto recorders have the f-natural key on the outside and the f-sharp key on the inside.