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Brookline, MA  02445
(617) 277-8690

Von Huene Recorders

The von Huene Workshop was founded in 1960 by Friedrich von Huene, a pioneer in the reproduction of historical woodwinds.  Throughout its long history, our workshop has built professional quality handmade instruments to the highest possible standard.  Our instruments have been used in countless professional performances and recordings, and are loved by amateur players and professional soloists alike. 
Our instruments are generally made to order, but we frequently have a small number in stock and available for purchase. Please contact us with any questions, or to place an order!

current list of von Huene recorders available for immediate delivery, all in European boxwood (buxus sempervirens):

Denner sopranino in f'', a=415 - $1250
Terton soprano in c'', a=415 - $1600
Stanesby 4th flute in b-flat', a=415 - $1650
Bressan voice flute in d', a=415 - $2700
'Loeki' tenor recorder in c', a=415 - $3300