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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Anonymous 12 Dances from the Philidor Collection (6 x Sc) London Pro Musica LPMTM70 Price: $13.75 
Coprario, John 2 Italian Pieces (5 x Sc) London Pro Musica EML0303 Price: $6.50 
Borchgrevinck 2 Paduanen (1609) (5 x Sc) London Pro Musica EML0333 Price: $6.50 
Mico, Richard 2 Pavans (5 x Sc) London Pro Musica EML0297 Price: $7.00 
Anonymous 2 Short English Fantasies (5 x Sc) London Pro Musica EML0327 Price: $6.50 
Merulo 3 Canzoni (Sc+P) London Pro Musica LPMVM17 Price: $11.75 
Dowland, John 4 Pavan-Galliard Sets (Sc+P) Magnamusic VDGS033 Price: $15.00 
Peerson, Martin 8 Five-Part Songs from "Private Music" (Sc+P) Dovehouse VDGS058 Price: $12.00 
Ferrabosco II, Alfonso 9 Pavans London Pro Musica LPMEM11 Price: $8.00 
Schein, Johann Hermann Banchetto Musicale (1617): set of string parts London Pro Musica MP05000S Price: $47.50 
Stonings Browning & Hackney (5 x Sc) London Pro Musica EML0112 Price: $7.00 
Bishop, Martha Browning a5 (Sc+P) Loux LMP0051 Price: $12.00 
Byrd, William Byrd, William, [No Selection] and others: The Five-part Consort Music, Volume I: the Fantasies London Pro Musica LPMEM21 Price: $16.25 
Byrd, William Byrd, William: Five-Part Consort Music, vol. 2: the In Nomines (Sc+P) London Pro Musica LPMEM22 Price: $14.00 
Tye, Christopher Complete Consort Music, score London Pro Musica MP01000 Price: $22.25 
Parsons De La Court (Sc+P) London Pro Musica LPMEM18 Price: $8.75 
East, Michael Eight Fantasies a5 (London, 1610), Vol. 1 nos. 1-4 (Sc+P) London Pro Musica LPMEM25 Price: $13.25 
East, Michael Eight Fantasies a5 (London, 1610), Vol. 2 nos. 5-8 (Sc+P) London Pro Musica LPMEM26 Price: $13.25 
Various English Ballad Tunes in Polyphonic Settings (5 x Sc) London Pro Musica LPMTM51 Price: $12.25 
Hingeston, John Hingeston, John: Suites for Five and Six Viols PRB PRBVC06 Price: $50.00 
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