Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Presten 2 Chorale Settings (6 x Sc) London Pro Musica EML0352 Price: $7.00 
Lutkemann 2 Paduanen a6 (Stettin, 1597) (6 x Sc) London Pro Musica EML0244 Price: $7.75 
White 2 Pavans (6 x Sc) London Pro Musica EML0279 Price: $7.75 
Franck 3 Intradas (Musicalische Frohlichkeit, 1610) (6 x Sc) London Pro Musica EML0357 Price: $7.00 
Haussmann 5 Intradas from Neue Intrade... (Nuremberg, 1604) (Sc+P) London Pro Musica LPMTM62 Price: $13.75 
Haussmann 5 Paduanen & Galliarden à6 Edition Güntersberg G280 Price: $35.00 
White 6 Fantasias in Six Parts (Sc+P) Magnamusic VDGS036 Price: $20.00 
Senfl, Ludwig Ave Maria à6 London Pro Musica LPM0563 Price: $15.50 
Coprario, John Coprario, John: Six-Part Pieces PRB PRBVCS45 Price: $23.00 
Ward, John First Set of English Madrigals...: The Songs of Six Parts PRB PRBVC073 Price: $55.00 
Gibbons, Orlando Gibbons, Orlando: Three Fantasias of Six Parts PRB PRBVC Price: $16.00 
Hingeston, John Hingeston, John: Suites for Five and Six Viols PRB PRBVC06 Price: $50.00 
Various Music for the Duke of Lerma Amherst Early Music AEM2 Price: $60.00 
Brade, William Pavans and Galliards (1614) - alto (viol) London Pro Musica MP03004 Price: $8.00 
Brade, William Pavans and Galliards (1614) - sesto (viol) London Pro Musica MP03008 Price: $8.00 
Brade, William Pavans and Galliards (1614) - tenor (viol) London Pro Musica MP03006 Price: $8.00 
Lasso, Orlando di Regensburg MS Amherst Early Music AEMRMS Price: $75.00 
Weelkes Weelkes, [No Selection] and others: Madrigals of Six Parts "apt for the Viols and Voices" PRB VC076 Price: $52.00 

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