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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Ruegg Swiss Folksongs from Im Roseligarte (Sc) Pelikan PEL0884 Price: $11.25 
Ruegg Tessiner Folksongs (Sc) Pelikan PEL0753 Price: $11.25 
Telemann, GP Trio Sonata in a minor (Sc+P) Pelikan PEL0856 Price: $22.50 
Telemann, GP Trio Sonata in B-flat ("Essercizii musici") (Sc+P) Pelikan PEL0861 Price: $26.25 
Monkemeyer Trios of the 17th century (Sc+P) Pelikan PEL0862 Price: $23.75 
Lerich Tuneful Duos (Sc) Pelikan PEL0751 Price: $12.50 
Schoch With My Solo Alto Recorder Pelikan PEL0750 Price: $11.25 
Schoch With My Solo Soprano Recorder Pelikan PEL0701 Price: $10.00 
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