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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Pentland Intrada & Canzona (4 x Sc) Avondale Press AVP0007 Price: $5.75 
Murray Kyrie (4 x Sc) Avondale Press AVP0006 Price: $5.75 
Lasso, Orlando di Lasso, Orlando di, [No Selection] and others: Four 16th Century Motets Avondale Press AVP0022 Price: $5.75 
Purcell, Henry Lord, How Long with Thou be Angry? (Sc+P) Avondale Press AVP0035 Price: $13.50 
Verdelot Madonna non so dit tante parole; Dormend’ un giorno Avondale Press AVP0025 Price: $18.00 
Meek March Pipers Three (3 x Sc) Avondale Press AVP0004 Price: $5.75 
Gombert Mort et Fortune/A bien grant tort (4 x Sc) Avondale Press AVP0031 Price: $5.75 
Byrd, William Non vos relinquam (4 x Sc) Avondale Press AVP0015 Price: $12.00 
Willaert, Adrian O magnum mysterium (Sc+P) Avondale Press AVP0021 Price: $11.00 
Vaet O quam gloriosum (Sc+P) Avondale Press AVP0019 Price: $5.75 
Nagel Partita II (3 x Sc) Avondale Press AVP0012 Price: $15.00 
Bach, JS Partita in g minor, after BWV1013 Avondale Press AVP0038 Price: $11.00 
Ward, John Patricia’s Grounde (4 x Sc) Avondale Press AVP0010 Price: $5.75 
Boyce, William Quartet in e minor (Sc+P) Avondale Press AVP0029 Price: $23.00 
Donaldson Rufus-sided Towhee Avondale Press AVP0039 Price: $5.75 
Lasso, Orlando di Scio enim (Sc+P) Avondale Press AVP0022 Price: $5.75 
Thompson Shawton Suite: Minuet, Gigue, Hornpipe (2 x Sc) Avondale Press AVP0028 Price: $11.00 
Handel, GF Suite (from keyboard suite No. 4, HWV 429) (3 x Sc) Avondale Press AVP0033 Price: $11.00 
Palestrina Super flumina Babylonis (Sc+P) Avondale Press AVP0020 Price: $11.00 
Byrd, William The Leaves Be Green (Sc+P) Avondale Press AVP0034 Price: $18.00 
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