Paetzold Square Sub-great-bass in C
Paetzold Square Sub-great-bass in C

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For boosting the low end of your recorder consort, the Paetzold square bass, great bass, and contrabass and, yes, even sub-great-bass in C and sub-contrabass in F (special  order only) are unmatched. The unique design, like that of an organ pipe, makes them uncommonly strong and full in the low register, yet a two-octave range can still be attained. The ingenious design utilizies a doubled-over bore, so the overall length is reduced to a more managable size, and the unique key system permits even players with very small hands to manage them easily.  The instruments are made of high quality birch plywood, and fitted with a sturdy custom hard case.  These instruments blend beautifully in an ensemble with either Baroque or Renaissance instruments, making them an ideal and affordable alternative to traditional round bass instruments which can cost much more.

Price: $4,800.00 


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