Willaert, Adrian 13 Chansons (1536) (Sc)
13 Chansons (1536) (Sc)

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Composers/Editors/Authors: Willaert, Adrian
Title: 13 Chansons (1536) (Sc)
Publisher Number: LPMPC12
Instrumentation: Alto Recorder or Treble Viol or Flute or Cornetto or Instrument (alto) and Tenor Recorder or Tenor Viol or Instrument (tenor) or Trombone (sackbut) or Flute and Tenor Recorder or Instrument (tenor) or Tenor Viol or Flute or Trombone (sackbut) and Bass Recorder or Bass Viol or Flute or Instrument (bass) or Trombone (sackbut)

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