Von Huene "Bressan" Voiceflute

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Von Huene "Bressan" Voiceflute

Von Huene "Bressan" Voiceflute

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P.I. Bressan was the premier baroque recorder maker in England, immigrating from France in the last quarter of the seventeenth century. He left a large number of instruments, including many voice flutes. While many available copies are based on an I. C. Denner instrument that was really a tenor recorder at high pitch, our instrument is a true voice flute based on an original Bressan instrument in a private collection. The difference may be academic, but true voice flutes were more often used in England than on the continent. As they play in the key of D like a flute, they are suitable for some of the beautiful music written for traverso. In Germany, high-pitch tenor recorders were used when ensembles performed at "Chorton," a pitch a whole tone above "Kammerton." Our instrument is available in boxwood, or upon special request in boxwood with ivory mouthpiece and rings like the original.

Price: $2,700.00 


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