Von Huene "G.A. Rottenburgh" Flute

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Von Huene "G.A. Rottenburgh" Flute

Von Huene "G.A. Rottenburgh" Flute

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The original by G. A. Rottenburgh, in the private collection of Barthold Kuijken, is made of boxwood, dyed dark, with ivory rings, screw cap, and foot register. The original was fitted with seven corps de rechange, but plays best at a=415. Friedrich believes that this flute could have been made as late as 1760. Copies of this instrument are favorites with many traverso players, due to the fine recordings for which the original was used and the outstanding students taught by the owner. Our copy is in dark-stained boxwood with ivory rings and a silver key. It has a foot register and a screw cap, and plays at A=415.

Price: $2,000.00 


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