Moeck "Stanesby, Sr," Alto, A=440

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Moeck "Stanesby, Sr," Alto, A=440

Moeck "Stanesby, Sr," Alto, A=440

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For those who find the price of handmade recorders daunting, Moeck's Thomas Stanesby, Sr. a=415 and a=440 altos are excellent alternatives. With far more hand labor and individual attention to each instrument than the less expensive models, they have a much more refined and individual tone. Modeled on an original in the collection of Frans Bruggen, they feature the rich, full tone characteristic of the early 18th-Century English recorders, excellent intonation and response and compare favorably to instruments costing hundreds of dollars more. Made from Indian boxwood with an antiqued stippled finish, they are supplied with a case and our full one-year warranty.

Price: $1,235.00 


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