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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Runge Studienstucke (Pieces from 17th & 18th c.) Schott ST05237 Price: $9.95 
Andriessen, L. Sweet Tomus Publications TMR0002 Price: $13.95 
Muro Swingin’ Easy - complete (2 x Sc, CD) Magnamusic RM0008 Price: $14.95 
Muro Swingin’ Easy - score Magnamusic RM0008S Price: $1.50 
Telemann, GP Telemann, GP, Thomas and others: Complete Original Recorder Sonatas Dolce DOL0124 Price: $31.25 
Szalonek The Head of Medusa Moeck MK01559 Price: $22.00 
Robinson The Solo Recorder Volume 1 Peacock Press PAR0108 Price: $40.00 
Robinson The Solo Recorder Volume 2 Peacock Press PAR0109 Price: $40.00 
Evans, Marsha Tone Rows Loux LMP0101 Price: $2.75 
Muro Touch of Spain - complete (2 x Sc, CD) Magnamusic RM0002 Price: $11.95 
Muro Touch of Spain - score Magnamusic RM0002S Price: $1.50 
Lechner Tracks in the Sand [contemporary] Moeck MK01526 Price: $14.00 
Sauter Travailler avec Joie! Pan PAN0461 Price: $14.00 
Lehn Treble Recorder Pieces Schott ST04248A Price: $10.95 
Dewey Tunes from "The Dancing Master" Schott ST10338 Price: $8.95 
Playford, John Tunes From The Dancing Master (1651) Loux LMP0016 Price: $3.75 
Iskender Turkish Folk Songs Moeck MK00632 Price: $5.50 
Ulrich Ulrich, Braun, Gerhard and others: Mittelalterliche Spielmannstänze Moeck MK2510 Price: $22.50 
Linde Una Follia Nuova Schott OFB0165 Price: $8.95 
Schoch Unknown 18th Century Melodies Hug GH09761 Price: $11.75 
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