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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Virgiliano Alto Recorder Solo Book Schott ED21796 Price: $24.00 
Linde Amarilli, mia bella (hommage a van Eyck) Schott OFB0133 Price: $14.95 
Gruskin American Animal Folksongs from the South Magnamusic MM00013 Price: $3.00 
Gruskin American Folksongs Magnamusic MM00014 Price: $3.00 
Bixler American Folksongs from the Southern Mountains Magnamusic MM00018 Price: $3.00 
Abazis Aria da camera, being a Choice Collection of Scotch, Irish & Welsh Airs for the Violin & German Flute Amadeus BP0376 Price: $26.00 
Handel, GF Arias from Operas Moeck MK00566/567 Price: $8.75 
Ariosti Arias from the Operas "Vespasian" & "Coriolanus" Moeck MK00542.3 Price: $8.75 
Burakoff, Sonya Around the World in 30 Tunes Sweet Pipes SP02360 Price: $5.50 
Steffens Ave Maria zart Moeck MK01544 Price: $11.00 
Bach, CPE Bach for Treble Recorder Schott ST07781 Price: $9.95 
Thomas Baroque Solo Book (Essential unaccompanied 18th-c. repertoire; 121 pg.) Misc DOL0111 Price: $32.75 
Linde Basel Recorder Book Schott ST08250 Price: $14.95 
[No Selection] Bass Recorder Book, Vol. 1—Traditional folk songs & tunes Saraband SM064 Price: $24.00 
Bloodworth Bass Recorder Handbook Novello 14003575 Price: $27.95 
Bloodworth Bass Recorder Handbook Novello 14003575 Price: $27.95 
Rosen Beethoven Album (23 selected tunes) Schott ST10712 Price: $9.95 
Leenhouts, Paul Big Baboon Moeck MK02809 Price: $12.00 
Godman Bird Fancyer’s Delight (1717) Schott ST10442 Price: $13.95 
Dorwath Birdbook (an introduction to modern playing techniques) Moeck MK00752 Price: $7.00 
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