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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Byrd, William Sellenger’s Round (Sc+P) Schott ST11522 Price: $16.95 
Abazis Serene Suite [contemporary] (Sc) Moeck MK00346 Price: $5.50 
Phelps Shepherds Were Watching by Night (Sc+P) Loux HNM0003 Price: $6.25 
Sieg, Soren Sieg, Soren, [No Selection] and others: Mavumo ya uana, Afrikanische Suite Nr. 3 Moeck MK02826 Price: $26.50 
Bach, JS Sinfonia No. 2 (Sc+P) Hawthorn HARA024 Price: $13.00 
Bach, JC Sinfonia No. 3 (Sc+P) Polyphonic Publications PP00035 Price: $6.50 
Rossi Sinfonias and Galliards (Sc) Schott ST04096 Price: $12.95 
Bonzanini, Ciacomo Sinfonie e Gagliarde from "Capricci Musicali" (4 x Sc) London Pro Musica LPMTM22 Price: $10.75 
Meijering Sitting Ducks (1991) (Sc+P) Ascolta ASC0176 Price: $21.00 
[Other Composer] Six Fantasias for Four Viols PRB PRB078 Price: $30.00 
Neumann Small Suite (Sc) Moeck MK00283 Price: $5.50 
Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de Sonata 5 in d minor & Sonata No. 6 in c minor (Sc+P) Moeck MK02811 Price: $32.00 
Legrenzi Sonata a 4, Op. 10, No. 18 (1673) (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0335 Price: $8.25 
Scarlatti, D Sonata in d minor (Sc+P) Hawthorn HARA025 Price: $13.00 
Dornel Sonate en quatuor (Sc+P) Polyphonic Publications PP00038 Price: $10.00 
Carey Step Stately (4 Playford dances) (Sc+P) Hawthorn HARA094 Price: $13.00 
Stockmeier Structures & Refrains [contemporary] (Sc+P) Moeck MK01515 Price: $20.00 
Reichel Suite (Sc) Pan PAN0313 Price: $20.00 
Funccius Suite (Sc) Schott ST11553 Price: $8.95 
Linde Suite (Sc+P) Schott OFB0168 Price: $19.95 
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