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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Demantius 7 Intradas from "Conviviorum Deliciae" (1608) (Sc+P) London Pro Musica LPMTM17 Price: $13.75 
Daman A sei soprani (Sc+P) London Pro Musica LPMEM19 Price: $5.50 
Harris After the Ball (1892) (Sc) Magnamusic RFS0040 Price: $5.95 
Byrd, William Another Fantasia in 6 parts (Sc+P) Hawthorn HARB021 Price: $16.95 
Mozart, WA Ave verum corpus (Sc+P) Peacock Press PRM0042 Price: $8.95 
Jenkins, John Bell Pavan (Sc+P) Peacock Press PDL0049 Price: $16.95 
Erig Blasermusik aus der Philidor-Sammlung (Wind music from the Philidor collection) (Sc) Pan PAN0816 Price: $30.00 
Bach, JS Brandenburg Concerto #6, B-flat Major, Part 1 (Sc+P) Loux LMP0045 Price: $25.30 
Bach, JS Brandenburg Concerto #6, B-flat, 3rd movement (Sc) Loux LMP0047S Price: $11.25 
Bach, JS Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 (Sc+P) Polyphonic Publications PP00047 Price: $20.75 
Schein, Johann Hermann Canzon a 6 (Sc+P) Hawthorn HARA019 Price: $13.00 
Widmann Canzon a6 (1609) (Sc+P) London Pro Musica LPMGM13 Price: $10.25 
Priuli Canzona Prima a 6 (Sc+P) London Pro Musica ADC0067 Price: $9.75 
Priuli Canzona Quarta a6 (Sc+P) London Pro Musica ADC0066 Price: $9.75 
Priuli Canzona Secunda a6 (Sc+P) London Pro Musica ADC0068 Price: $9.75 
Lasso, Orlando di Chi chi li chi? (Sc+P) London Pro Musica LPM0508 Price: $9.75 
Byrd, William Christ rising again (Sc+P) Polyphonic Publications PP00067 Price: $5.25 
Lawes, William Consort Set a6 in B-flat Major (Sc+P) Peacock Press PDL0029 Price: $16.95 
Lawes, William Consort Set a6 in C Major (Sc+P) Peacock Press PDL0028 Price: $17.25 
Lawes, William Consort Set a6 in c minor (Sc+P) Peacock Press PDL0027 Price: $16.95 
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