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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Carley Suite on Four Notes (Sc+P) Loux LMP0088 Price: $8.95 
Foky-Gruber Suite on Hungarian Folk Songs (Sc) Moeck MK00676 Price: $5.50 
Dieupart Suite V in F Major (Sc+P) Pelikan PEL0854 Price: $21.25 
Dieupart Suite VI in f minor (Sc+P) Pelikan PEL0859 Price: $21.25 
Lully Suite, Bellerophon (Sc+P) Schott ST12240 Price: $9.95 
Delalande Symphonies des Noels, Vol. 1 (Sc+P) Moeck MK02097 Price: $21.00 
Gossec Tambourin (Sc+P) Polyphonic Publications PP00140 Price: $3.00 
Telemann, GP Telemann, GP, [No Selection] and others: Complete Sonatas for recorder and basso continuo Editio Musica Budapest Z13542 Price: $31.00 
Telemann, GP Telemann, GP, [No Selection] and others: Sonata in g minor Dolce DOL0261 Price: $7.75 
Telemann, GP Telemann, GP, Thomas and others: Complete Original Recorder Sonatas Dolce DOL0124 Price: $31.25 
Purcell, Henry Theatre Tunes (Sc+P) Magnamusic ST12232 Price: $13.95 
Schneider Thema & variationen (Sc+P) Schott OFB0171 Price: $9.95 
Thomas Thomas, [No Selection] and others: Fourteen Dances Dolce DOL0140 Price: $9.00 
Casken Thymehaze (Sc+P) Tomus Publications TMR0006 Price: $9.95 
Baker Trio Sonata (Sc+P) Hawthorn HACO011 Price: $16.95 
Telemann, GP Trio Sonata 96 in B-flat Major (TWV 42:B4) for recorder, obbligato keyboard, and bc Amadeus BP2564 Price: $12.00 
Quantz Trio Sonata in d minor (Sc+P) Schott OFB0173 Price: $20.95 
Dinn Tuneful Tunes (Sc+P) Schott ST10468 Price: $8.95 
Dinn Tuneful Tunes (recorder part only) Schott ST10468A Price: $1.00 
Beechey Twelve Song Tunes from the "Musical Entertainer" (1737) (Sc+P) Magnamusic ST12233 Price: $12.95 
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