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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Purcell, Henry Sonata VI (Sc+P) Moeck MK02818 Price: $25.00 
Anonymous Sonate (ed. Boullet) (Sc+P) Moeck MK01114 Price: $21.00 
Corelli, Arcangelo Sonate 2 from the Concerti grossi (Sc+P) Moeck MK01038 Price: $19.00 
Holland Sonatina (Sc+P) Berandol DER1064 Price: $14.00 
Walker Songs of Praise (Sc) Sweet Pipes SP02339 Price: $2.95 
Hopkins Suite (Sc) Moeck MK00482/483 Price: $8.75 
Marais, M Suite in C Major (Sc+P) Schott OFB0139 Price: $20.95 
Dornel Suite in d minor (from Livre de Simphonies) (Sc+P) Schott OFB0019 Price: $17.95 
Schultze Suite in d minor (Sc+P) Schott OFB0092 Price: $14.95 
Marais, M Suite in e minor (Sc+P) Moeck MK02505 Price: $30.00 
Marais, M Suite in G minor (Sc+P) Schott OFB0138 Price: $20.95 
Delalande Symphonies des Noels, Vol. 2 (Sc+P) Moeck MK02098 Price: $26.00 
Delalande Symphonies des Noels, Vol. 3 (Sc+P) Moeck MK02099 Price: $23.00 
Handel, GF Trio "Sono liete, fortunate" (Sc+P) Moeck MK02058 Price: $22.00 
Mozart, WA Trio (after K439b) (Sc) Schott ST12243 Price: $12.95 
Bach, JS Trio I (Sc+P) Schott ST11733 Price: $9.95 
Schaffrath Trio in C Major (Sc+P) Pan PAN0870 Price: $30.00 
Schaffrath Trio in d minor (Sc+P) Pan PAN0861 Price: $34.95 
Schaffrath Trio in F Major (Sc+P) Pan PAN0862 Price: $30.00 
Graun, JG Trio in F Major, (Sc+P) Moeck MK02562 Price: $24.00 
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