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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de Sonata IV op. 34 in D Major Amadeus BP2574 Price: $23.00 
Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de Sonata V op. 34 in d minor Amadeus BP2575 Price: $23.00 
Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de Sonata VI op. 34 in a minor Amadeus BP2576 Price: $23.00 
Marini Sonatas & Dances, op. 22, vol. 1 Amadeus BP0911 Price: $26.00 
Marini Sonatas & Dances, op. 22, vol. 2 Amadeus BP0912 Price: $26.00 
Bruckmann Sonatina Buffa (Sc) Moeck MK00373 Price: $5.50 
Draths Songs & Dances, Vol. 1 (Sc) Schott ST06090 Price: $7.95 
Draths Songs & Dances, Vol. 2 (Sc) Schott ST06583 Price: $7.95 
Frey Spiel Weiter (Play it Again) Pan PAN0201 Price: $17.50 
Runge Spielbuch fur Jugend, Vol. 2 (Sc) Schott ST05412 Price: $4.75 
Keller-Lowy Still, Still, Still (Sc) Pelikan PEL0870 Price: $11.25 
Handel, GF Suite for two recorders and cello Amadeus BP0433 Price: $20.00 
Kelker Suite, Op. 10 (Sc+P) Schott OFB0119 Price: $9.95 
Carley Summer Suite (Sc+P) Loux LMP0114 Price: $9.00 
Purcell, Henry The Bashful Thames (from "Yorkshire Feast Song", 1690) Hawthorn HAEE009 Price: $12.95 
Telemann, GP Tirsis am Scheidewege (for middle voice) Baerenreiter BA6478 Price: $34.50 
Linde Trio (Sc+P) Schott ST05261 Price: $11.95 
Bach, CPE Trio in F (Sc+P) Moeck MK02563 Price: $25.95 
Haydn Trio No. 4 in F Major Schott ST10171 Price: $11.95 
Telemann, GP Trio Sonata 63 in g minor (TWV42:g9) Amadeus BP2410 Price: $17.00 
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