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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Guillemain Quatuor V in F major, op. 12/5 Amadeus BP1629 Price: $26.50 
Guillemain Quatuor VI in C major, op. 12/3 Amadeus BP1630 Price: $26.50 
[Other Composer] Sechs Suiten Amadeus BP1150 Price: $23.00 
Fontana Sonata 17 for 2 violins, bass, and BC Amadeus BP0738 Price: $17.00 
Veracini Sonata Accademica in e minor, op. 2 no. 8 Peters EP4345 Price: $13.50 
Lenoarda Sonata duodecima (op. 16, 1693) (Sc+P) Dovehouse BCMS016 Price: $7.75 
Telemann, GP Sonata in C Major for 4 violins without bass Amadeus BP0447 Price: $17.00 
Sammartini Sonata in D Major Noetzel N1000 Price: $24.25 
Buxtehude, Dietrich Sonata in G, BuxWV271 Edition G├╝ntersberg G135 Price: $29.00 
Handel, GF Sonata IX in E Major Amadeus BP1909 Price: $17.00 
Telemann, GP Sonata no. 2 in G Major Peters EP5642 Price: $19.95 
Rosenmuller Sonata quarta in C Major Amadeus BP1298 Price: $23.00 
Rosenmuller Sonata quarta in C Major Amadeus BP1304 Price: $23.00 
Rosenmuller Sonata Seconda in e minor (Sc+P) Amadeus BP1337 Price: $20.00 
Rosenmuller Sonata terza Amadeus BP1338 Price: $23.00 
Handel, GF Sonata VII in F Major Amadeus BP1907 Price: $17.00 
Handel, GF Sonata VIII in g minor Amadeus BP1908 Price: $17.00 
Handel, GF Sonatas for violin and bc, v. 1 (A Major, HWV 361; g minor, HWV 368; F Major, HWV 370) Peters EP4157A Price: $21.00 
Corelli, Arcangelo Sonatas op. 5 nos. 1, 4, 8 Peters EP3836A Price: $26.00 
Corelli, Arcangelo Sonatas op. 5 nos. 3, 5, 9 Peters EP3836B Price: $26.00 
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