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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Abazis Duettinos, op. 82 (Devienne, Francois) Peters EP8366 Price: $26.00 
Handel, GF Halle (early) Sonatas, HWV 374-6; a minor, e minor, b minor Peters EP4554 Price: $15.50 
Handel, GF Later Sonatas, d minor, G Major, b minor Peters EP4553 Price: $16.95 
Buxtehude, Dietrich Old Masters of the Gamba: 12 pieces by Buxtehude, Telemann, Tartini, Caix d'Hervelois and others Peters EP4836A Price: $29.00 
Handel, GF Play-along CD for EP4552, 4 Sonatas, g minor, a minor, C Major, F Major Peters MP4552 Price: $32.00 
Telemann, GP Quartet in G Major Peters EP4562 Price: $14.95 
Herrmann Quartett Spielbuch III Peters N4764 Price: $23.00 
Veracini Sonata Accademica in e minor, op. 2 no. 8 Peters EP4345 Price: $13.50 
Telemann, GP Sonata in a minor Peters EP4625 Price: $22.00 
Telemann, GP Sonata in C from "Getreue Musikmeister" (ed. Degen) Peters EP4550 Price: $10.95 
Fasch Sonata in C Major Peters EP5893 Price: $28.00 
Handel, GF Sonata in C Major Peters EP4903 Price: $24.00 
Handel, GF Sonata in e minor Peters EP7127 Price: $24.00 
Telemann, GP Sonata in e minor (from "Essercizii Musici) Peters EP5631 Price: $15.50 
Bach, CPE Sonata in g minor (attr. To JS Bach or CPE Bach) Peters EP9856 Price: $24.00 
Telemann, GP Sonata no. 2 in G Major Peters EP5642 Price: $19.95 
Bach, JS Sonatas BWV 1030-1035, v. 2, nos. 4-6: C Major, e minor, E Major Peters EP4461B Price: $15.95 
Handel, GF Sonatas for violin and bc, v. 1 (A Major, HWV 361; g minor, HWV 368; F Major, HWV 370) Peters EP4157A Price: $21.00 
Corelli, Arcangelo Sonatas op. 5 nos. 1, 4, 8 Peters EP3836A Price: $26.00 
Corelli, Arcangelo Sonatas op. 5 nos. 3, 5, 9 Peters EP3836B Price: $26.00 
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