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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Bernstein Jacobean Collection, Vol. 1 (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0102 Price: $11.50 
Hook James Hook Collection (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0106 Price: $11.50 
Harris Jazzin’ Around (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0404 Price: $13.00 
Locke, Matthew Locke, Matthew, [No Selection] and others: Two Suites 'For severall Freinds' Dolce DOL0235 Price: $9.75 
Blavet Menuet with variations (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0203 Price: $7.00 
Krahmer Originalstucke, op. 25 (Sc) Dolce DOL0703 Price: $9.25 
Hotteterre, JM Preludes & Traits Dolce DOL0502 Price: $9.75 
Bernstein Purcell Collection (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0105 Price: $11.50 
Joplin Rags, Vol. 1 (Maple Leaf Rag, New Rag, Etc) (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0402 Price: $11.50 
Joplin Rags, Vol. 2 (Searchlight, Entertainer, Etc) (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0405 Price: $14.25 
Bernstein Rameau Collection (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0115 Price: $12.00 
Bateman Recorders in Rhythm (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0401 Price: $13.00 
Palestrina Ricercari Sopra li Tuoni, Vol. I (1-4) (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0318 Price: $14.25 
Palestrina Ricercari Sopra li Tuoni, Vol. II (5-8) (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0319 Price: $14.25 
Krahmer Rondo "La Tyrolienne," Op. 35 (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0205 Price: $9.75 
Thomas Select Preludes and Voluntaries (1708) Dolce DOL0501 Price: $9.75 
Vitali Sinfonia a sei (1684) (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0328 Price: $7.00 
Bateman Solos in Swing (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0403 Price: $11.50 
Heberle Sonata (1808) Dolce DOL0507 Price: $6.00 
Fontana Sonata 16 (1641) (Sc+P) Dolce DOL0327 Price: $8.75 
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