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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Corrette, Michel 6 Sonatas, Opera XIII/5 & 6, ca. 1735 Dovehouse BCMS020 Price: $11.95 
Bach, CPE 6 Sonatas, Wq 125-7, 129, 130, 134 Zimmermann ZM18000 Price: $31.50 
Handel, GF 7 Sonatas for flute and continuo Amadeus BP0311 Price: $30.00 
Couperin, Francois Concert no. 1 in B Major Noetzel N2308 Price: $18.25 
Monteclaire, Michel Pignolet de Concert no. 2 in d minor (ed. Rampe) Noetzel N2306 Price: $27.00 
Couperin, Francois Concert no. 9 "Intitule Ritratto dell'amore" Zimmermann ZM25380 Price: $26.00 
Quantz Concerto in A Major (Keyboard Reduction Kunzelmann GM105 Price: $22.00 
Quantz Concerto in b minor QV5:272 (Keyboard reduction; ed. Augsbach/Burmeister) Peters EP8834 Price: $34.00 
Quantz Concerto in c minor (keyboard reducution; ed. Sonntag) Noetzel N6069 Price: $25.25 
Telemann, GP Concerto in E Major (keyboard reduction) Kunzelmann GM1139 Price: $19.25 
Telemann, GP Concerto in G Major (Keyboard reduction) Kunzelmann GM1140 Price: $19.25 
Quantz Concerto in G Major (QV 5:174) (w/ keyboard reduction Amadeus BP0315 Price: $0.00 
Quantz Concerto in G major QV5:174 (keyboard reduction; ed. Burmeister) Peters EP8771 Price: $22.00 
Quantz Concerto in G Major QV5:182 (keyboard reduction; ed. Augsbach) Peters EP9699 Price: $29.00 
Quantz Concerto in g minor QV5:193 (keyboard reduction; ed. Burmeister) Peters EP9697 Price: $29.00 
Couperin, Francois Concerts Royaux No. 4 Zimmermann ZM34840 Price: $27.00 
Couperin, Francois Concerts Royaux, no. 2 in F Major Noetzel N2336 Price: $29.75 
Schaffrath Duetto in B-flat Major (ed. Ruf Noetzel N1257 Price: $19.75 
Schaffrath Duetto no. 4 in G Major (ed. Zahn) Zimmermann ZM32410 Price: $19.50 
Schickhardt Easy Sonatas op. 3 no 3 & 4, F Major and A minor (ed Ruf) Noetzel N1382 Price: $17.50 
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