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Composer Title Publisher SKU Price
Bach, JS Sonata in C Major for Flute & bc (BWV 1033), Sonatas in E-flat Major and g minor for Flute and obbligato Harpsichor (BWV 1031 & 1020) Baerenreiter BA4418/5220 Price: $44.75 
Bach, CPE Sonata in C Major Wq 87 Zimmermann ZM22830 Price: $15.95 
Abel, Carl Friedrich Sonata in D Major Noetzel N6128 Price: $11.95 
Telemann, GP Sonata in D Major (Sc+P) Schott FTR0073 Price: $9.95 
Vivaldi Sonata in D minor (ed. Nagel/Radeke) Noetzel N1245 Price: $24.75 
Schaffrath Sonata in d minor (ed. Ruf) Noetzel N1381 Price: $18.75 
Hoffmeister Sonata in E-flat Major, op. 11 no. 3 Kunzelmann GM984 Price: $24.25 
Hoffmeister Sonata in F Major Zimmermann ZM23600 Price: $21.00 
Tromlitz Sonata in G Major Noetzel N1221 Price: $15.25 
Tromlitz Sonata in G Major Noetzel N1221 Price: $22.50 
Haydn Sonata in G Major (Divertimento) Amadeus BP2343 Price: $17.00 
Marcello, B Sonata in G Major (ed/ Zanke) Zimmermann ZM10170 Price: $12.95 
Telemann, GP Sonata in G Major (Sc+P) Schott FTR0074 Price: $9.95 
Kirnberger Sonata in G Major (Sc+P) Schott FTR0044 Price: $16.95 
Marcello, B Sonata in G Major op. 1 no. 12 (ed. Ermeler) Noetzel N3279 Price: $29.00 
Loeillet de Gant, Jean Baptiste Sonata in G Major, Op. 3 no. 8 (Sc+P) Schott FTR0055 Price: $10.95 
Bach, CPE Sonata in g minor (attr. To JS Bach or CPE Bach) Peters EP9856 Price: $24.00 
Bach, JS Sonata in g minor (BWV1020) for flute with obbligato keyboard Amadeus BP0668 Price: $20.00 
Sammartini Sonata in g minor, op. 1 no. 1a (ed Ruf) Noetzel N2315 Price: $18.25 
LeClaire, JM Sonata no. 1 in e minor Zimmermann ZM11290 Price: $13.95 
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